Looking for guidance as you organize the areas of your home?

 I will be there to walk you through step by step as we make your spaces work for you and your family.  


Would you rather me do all the work?

 After consulting with you, I'm willing to do the work while you're handling other responsibilities, doing the things you love or spending time with the people you love.  

All-Inclusive Luxury Package Pricing

Pricing includes the time I spend working in your home, planning time/shopping for supplies locally or online*, taking off one carload of donations and trash per session, and access to me for questions up to two weeks after the latest session.  

Single Session (3 hours)  $195

4 Sessions (12 hours) $702 

Price reflects 10% discount (save $78)

8 Sessions (24 hours) $1326

Price reflects 15% discount (save $234)

12 Sessions (36 hours)  $1872

Price reflects 20% discount (save $468)

*One hour of complimentary planning/shopping outside of       session time is included for every 2 sessions purchased.  

 For example:

    Single Session = 30 minutes of planning/shopping

    4 Sessions = 2 hours of planning/shopping

    8 Sessions = 4 hours of planning/shopping

   12 Sessions = 6 hours of planning/shopping 

 Additional planning and shopping will count as session time. 

*Shopping with a client present counts as session time.

"Wherever you are in your life stage, Sharon can help you.  Hands down, this was the BEST investment I made working with Haven Home Organizing to tackle clutter.  No worries, she is professional, energetic and makes decluttering fun rather than a chore.  She doesn't 'make' you get rid of anything you can't decide on AND best of all, since privacy is important, no one knows she's helping. A win win!"      JG