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What People Are Saying About Haven Home Organizing

"Wherever you are in your life stage, Sharon can help you.  Hands down, this was the BEST investment I made working with Haven Home Organizing to tackle clutter.  No worries, she is professional, energetic and makes decluttering fun rather than a chore.  She doesn't 'make' you get rid of anything you can't decide on AND best of all, since privacy is important, no one knows she's helping. A win win!"      JG



"I recently got married and as you know having a wedding allows you to receive wonderful gifts...lots of gifts!  After looking at what we received, the space I had to put it all and the stuff that was in those spaces, I became very overwhelmed.  That's when I knew I had to do something quickly to relieve the anxiety. Literally a week after we returned Sharon came to the rescue.  She helped me get rid of and donate things that were taking up space that I needed for more important things.  I was so impressed with how well prepared and professional Sharon was, not to mention what a sweet person she is.  This really is something she has a passion for and you see it as soon as she steps in your home.  I honestly can say that having her help me was the best money I ever spent!"            RM

"I was so overwhelmed with all the 'stuff' that was packed into our dining room and spare bedroom from having the house painted.  I was ready to toss it or organize it, but didn't know where to start.  Sharon came to the rescue with tons of storage ideas.  She was professional and organized.  I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and learned a lot from Sharon."            BR

"I want to say that Haven Home with Sharon has helped me organize and get rid of stuff so that I can clean my house more effectively.  As it is a process, I have come up with a plan to make it affordable and something to look forward to.  Sharon is also very good at making the organizing items low cost, which is good."            AT

"I enjoyed working with you...It is so easy to be around you.  You are in a career made just for you.  Thank you for all your help!"            ER

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