Product Recommendations

Below are some recommended links for organizing products as well as various home and lifestyle products.

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Kitchen/Pantry Organization

Clear Pantry Bins 

Stackable Clear Bins for Pantry/Refrigerator 

Set of 8 Clear Pantry Organizers

Gripstic (12-Pack)

Airtight Food Storage Containers (set of 9)

OXO Airtight Container (good for brown/powdered sugar)

OXO Airtight Container (good for flour/sugar)

Clear Lazy Susan (9")


Clear Lazy Susan (11")

Clear Lazy Susan (14")

Refrigerator/Freezer Storage

Silicone Tray for Freezing 1/4 Cup Portions

Souper Cubes for Freezing 1 Cup Portions

Souper Cubes for Freezing 1/2 Cup Portions

Closet Organization

Stackable Fabric Bin w/Clear Window (set of 8)

On Your Toes Shoe Deodorizer (One of my best finds ever!)


Stackable Clear Shoe Storage: up to women's size 9.5/men's 8.5 (set of 12)

Stackable Clear Shoe Storage: up to women's size 15/men's 14 (set of 12)

Velvet Hangers (set of 100)

Wood Hangers (set of 20)

Three-Cube Organizer

Four-Cube Organizer

Stackable Shoe Shelves (24-inch)

Stackable Shoe Shelves (31-inch)

Drawer Organization

Makeup/Drawer Organizer

Drawer Dividers (set of 4)

Clear Drawer Dividers (set of 2)

Fabric Drawer Bins

Bathroom Organization

Clear Bathroom Cabinet Bins (set of 4)

Clear Stackable Bathroom Cabinet Bins (set of 2)

Miscellaneous Organization

Label Maker

Bag Buddy Garbage Bag Holder (2-Pack)

Wall Organization

Tilt TV Mount (for 32-80" TVs)


Tilt TV Mount (for 26-55" TVs)

TV Mount (for 32-75" TVs)

Monkey Hook Picture Hanger (No Tools Needed)


My Favorite Ink Pen

Computer Desk

Clear Small Bin w/Hinged Lid (set of 4)

Desktop Supply Organizer (for kids)


Fabric Bins (various sizes)


Slatwall Garage Organizer

Slatwall 20-Piece Hook Kit

Slatwall Shelves/Baskets

Slatwall Storage Bin Kit

Slatwall 12-Pack Hook Set

Track Wall System w/Hooks

Tool Chest 3 Piece Insert


Amber Glass Spray Bottles (2-Pack)


Bedside Table Lightbulb (Blue Light Blocking)

Book Light (Blue Light Blocking)


Real-Life Organizing by Cassandra Aarssen

The Clutter Connection by Cassandra Aarssen

The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersly

Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley