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Virtual Sessions (Home Organizing or Productivity)

$130.00 (includes session and written plan)

Not sure how a virtual session works? Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Click "Contact" to fill out the contact form for a free phone consultation to see if a virtual session is right for you.

  2. During the phone consultation, you'll tell me a little about your current situation (working from home, kids at home, the clutter/building to-do list is making it hard to even be in the home).

  3. If you'd like to continue we’ll schedule your one-hour virtual session for a day/time that works for you. 

  4. We will complete your session using FaceTime. (I’m open to using other formats as well).  Based on your current needs, we’ll implement a plan for completing work or home tasks...a plan that helps you truly enjoy your day. 

  5. I will send you a written plan as a result of our session within 3 business days (by email).  

  6. *Bonus* If you are interested in a free 15 minute follow-up, you may schedule a second facetime call within 2 weeks to discuss the progress you've made.

Virtual Home Organizing Session 

Haven Home Organizing offers virtual sessions to help you deal with the pressure of being home all day, whether that's working from home, teaching your children, or living a quieter life that feels strange and suffocating at times.  Or maybe you’re still working outside the matter your current situation, we are all experiencing changes. 


Maybe you're home and noticing projects that need to be done but you just can't seem to get started.  I would love to help you move in the right direction! 

Session Ideas:

  • Pantry set up for stockpiling a little more than usual

  • Setting up a school space for kids

  • Setting up an office space for yourself

  • Making your bedroom peaceful for sleep or for having somewhere private to go throughout the day

  • You decluttering a space while I'm there to cheer you on

Virtual Productivity Session

Are you struggling to make the best use of your time while at home? I've been there and would love to share what I've learned along the way. My passion is helping others implement routines that allow them to enjoy their time at home.

Routines are often mistaken for being too rigid and stifling but that’s simply not true. The positive things we do day in and day out help ease the chaos we feel around us.

Session Ideas:

  • Tweaking current routines/Implementing new routines

  • Implementing doable productivity tips for accomplishing tasks at home

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