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Calming the Chaos: New Series

I put on my running shoes last night for the first time in four weeks. For over two years, I've regularly battled the heat and the cold to literally "hit the ground running." It's my time to clear my mind, brainstorm, pray, and quote Philippians 4:13 more times than I can count..."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Just over a month ago, a dear family member was diagnosed with cancer. Multiple doctor's appointments, surgery, and recovery time called for unexpected changes in our family's schedules. When changes like this come, I tend to let some things go. While this is necessary to a point, I often take it to the extreme. while I kept up with tasks at home and regularly worked with clients (thank you all for being flexible with my schedule), other things fell through the cracks. I completely stopped exercising and stopped posting on social media.

The run last night was just what I needed to jump back into my exercise routine. And this post was needed to get back to you all! Stay tuned! I'm going to be posting tips this month for having awesome days even when you are going through a tough or busy season. These posts may have a taste of productivity, wellness, and faith along with the organizing tips as all of these things are important to me. As you can see, I'm still learning to balance this thing called "life." I am grateful to God for bringing my loved one through this first phase (with surgery going well, now waiting for treatments to begin) in only a way HE can...with grace, love and peace! And I am thankful for the grace HE gives us to carry on through the chaos.

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