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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is a picture of a wreath that's hanging in my laundry room...

and this is the same wreath! Same (unedited) picture!

A lot of us tend to compare ourselves to others on social media without even meaning to. I am often hesitant to post because I think my feed isn't pretty enough, inspiring enough, so on and so forth!

And that's not to mention looking at all of the beautiful inspiration from other people's feeds. What starts as using social media for fun, seeing what others are up to, and getting great ideas sometimes turns into "My home (or life or job or vacation or ________________ ) will never look like this!"

It's important to remember that all/most of these beautiful images are filtered (mine included) and that most homes don't normally "look like this" in person. Even if they are beautifully decorated, life happens at home and things aren't always as perfect as they may seem in a photo. If we could only see what is behind the photographer it would probably include a pile of stuff that was shoved out of the way in order to get the perfect shot (sounds like I've done this before...haha).

So let's use social media for inspiration and fun while remembering to enjoy our lives and homes just as they are!

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