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Updated: May 7, 2020

Wow! What a crazy few weeks this has been.  I don't know about you but adjusting to the changes that have taken place over the last few weeks has been difficult in many areas of my life (while easy in other areas).  

First the easy:

I am an introvert and homebody at heart.  I am one of those folks who needs downtime and quiet time alone (at home, preferably) so in many ways I now feel rested and energized and I am definitely enjoying this simpler way of living.  Having no evening commitments has been wonderful and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to spend every evening at home with my family cooking, playing board games, and walking the dog.  It truly has been a Godsend not to be "on the go" in the evening!  

And the hard:

It took me a couple weeks to realize my normal routine was not working for me.  I had to tweak a few things and now I'm feeling so much better about my day.  I'm getting up one hour later (giving myself some grace), exercising in the morning (instead of planning but not following through in the afternoon), and have a plan in place to stop the mindless snacking that took over those first two weeks of being home and having the kids home.  

Of course there are other hard things that we all are going through, whether financial uncertainty, halted business (I miss working with you in your homes), or distance from loved ones and friends.

During COVID-19, I am offering virtual sessions to help you deal with the pressure of being home all day, whether that's working from home, teaching your children, or living a quieter life that feels strange and suffocating at times.  Or maybe you’re still working outside the matter your current situation, we are all experiencing changes. 

Maybe you're home and noticing projects that need to be done but you just can't seem to get started.  I would love to help you move in the right direction! 

Here are some examples of ways we can work together during this time:

  • Implementing new routines

  • Pantry set up for stockpiling a little more than usual

  • Productivity hacks for accomplishing tasks at home

  • Setting up a school space for kids

  • Setting up an office space for yourself

  • Making your bedroom peaceful for sleep or for having somewhere private to go throughout the day

  • You decluttering a space while I'm there to cheer you on

Go to the COVID-19 update on my website homepage to learn more about these virtual services.

Take care and God bless!


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