• Sharon Carter

Perfectly Imperfect

Look closely and you'll see a little bit of dust around here!

My first thought was to grab the duster, take a swipe, and then retake the photo. But no, let's keep it real. I love nothing more than an organized space but along with that, we have dog hair, dust, crumbs, and quite a few unorganized drawers.

Point is...we can't do it all AND do it all well, friends! I don't know about you, but when I am thriving in one area, I tend to fall short in another. These strengths and weaknesses tend to ebb and flow throughout the different seasons of my life. Let's give ourselves a little grace today as we look to make improvements in our life and home.


Professional Organizer serving Rock Hill (SC), Fort Mill (SC), Charlotte (NC), and surrounding areas.

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