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Saying "No" to Good Things

Yesterday, I promised to bring you some tips to help you get though the tough and busy seasons of life. So first things first...let’s say no to some “good” things. There’s no end to the opportunities that come our way at Christmas. While most of these are great, it’s easy to spread yourself so thin that you go through the season in a blur. Let’s slow down this Christmas! Here are some tips to help you:

1. Ditch some traditions that are no longer fun for your family. I know, this one can be hard! Some of my kids’ funniest memories are of me losing it with them while trying to get the perfect Christmas picture. 😮 So guess what? That’s one tradition I stopped several years ago, and I haven’t looked back. That one saved me time, money, and sanity.

2. Ditch the guilt. You can’t possibly go to every event you are invited to. Instead of giving immediate “yeses” when the invites start coming your way, talk to your family first about some things they’d like to do this Christmas. Try to come up with a good mix of helping others, gathering with family and friends,and relaxing at home with the traditions you choose to keep.

3. Ditch some of the adult gift giving. You know the gifts I’m talking about...Dirty Santa (White Elephant) auctions and drawing names can be fun, but they lose their appeal over time. Opt for playing a fun game as a group instead for just as many laughs (if not more)! This will save you loads of time and money!

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